Inventory Management

Struggling with Stock Management

Are you experiencing one of the following?
  • Always having the wrong stock on hand
  • Your cash is tied up in inventory
  • Lost sales due to stock-outs
  • Not knowing when to place new orders
  • How much you should be ordering
  • Is your inventory optimised?

We can help you!

With our knowledge and software, we will increase your profits by boosting sales, with fewer markdowns, and avoiding stock-outs and over-buys. Most important, it keeps your customers happy and loyal and enhances your brand ‒ ensuring your ongoing success

Stock outs reduction

We will make sure you always have the correct stock on hand to avoid stock outs.


Sales growth

By optimizing your inventory you will boost your sales.


Inventory reduction

Our algorithms will tell you exactly what stock you have too much of and by how much your should reduce this stock


Management of inventory

With our software solutions, the management of your inventory becomes so much easier!

Optimised inventory solutions

With our experience and key strategic partnerships we can offer clients a variety solutions on how they can optimise and manage their inventory without having to run complex excel spreadsheets or having sleepless nights.

Demand-driven inventory management

We use historic sales data to calculate the stock targets or buffers for system setup. The stock target or buffer denotes the amount of stock required in the pipeline (on hand and on the way) and is not necessarily the amount of stock that is required to be on hand in the warehouse.

With our dashboards you have the capability to analyse product sales and inventory performance to enable optimised decisions regarding your inventory:

Distribution Replenishment

The software we use generates prioritised recommendations for buying and replenishment based on actual demand and current inventory to provide the highest ROI.

On daily basis, a relevant employee can check and replenish the stock as recommended by the software and in turn, you will avoid stock-outs.

Intelligent Buffer Sizing

The software uses advanced demand-driven analytics to monitor the actual demand of each SKU independently and reacts in real-time to ensure the optimal inventory target and service level for every product at any given time.

The buffer size will then change based on the demand cycle and the software will automatically increase or lower the buffer size based on the demand.

Overall Stock View

With many different reports, you can now get a birdseye view of what is happening in your inventory. This will now allow you to take the necessary steps not to be overstocked on slow movers and to prevent understocking fast-moving products.

A focus on the above will definitely deliver the results as expected.

Want to know whether your stock is optimised?

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