We are Prisisi

Prisisi was started by a group of friends that combined 70 years’ experience across various industries from the corporate worlds in South Africa, UK and Singapore to bring financial and accounting services to business owners and entrepreneurs. Over this time we have seen and experienced all the different problems and challenges within the accounting and operational environment and although you will find many experts within a specific field, you will struggle to find an expert looking at your systems as a whole. We know what you don't know and we take care of it all, without breaking the bank.

Our Vision

At Prisisi, our vision is to combine our experience with passion to bring you a service tailored to your needs. We assist you in the planning, setup, management, maintenance and interpretation of your financial eco-system. We strive to be your strategic financial partner, optimising your business to the best of its abilities.

Meet Our Management Team

Our team is highly qualified with multiple years of experience across all aspects of finance
Petra van der Linde
Petra van der Linde

Managing director

Petra qualified as a CA (SA) and completed her articles with KPMG in South Africa after which she moved to Singapore. Here she joined a multi-family office as an asset manager, managing the assets of several high net-worth families and also obtaining her CFA. Upon her return to SA, she joined an Enterprise Asset Management and Engineering Group as the Group CFO.  

Lecia Best
Lecia Best

Financial Consultant

Lecia holds a Master’s degree in Financial Management as well as qualifications through the WITS and GIBBS business schools, in business strategy. Her career started at Deloitte as a tax consultant after which she moved to the banking industry within the Corporate and Small Business Segments. She has a passion to provide customers with solutions to maximize shareholder value.

Heinrich Nell
Heinrich Nell

Start-ups and inventory

Heinrich is a professional registered Mechanical Engineer (BEng. Mechanical). He worked for various listed companies and in 2014 he completed his Executive MBA at UCT. In 2016 he started his own E-Commerce brand selling products in the USA, UK, and South Africa. In 2018 he became a full-time entrepreneur and has since been involved in several start-up companies.

Nicola van Tonder
Nicola van Tonder

HR Profesional

Nicola is an experience and effective HR professional. She is energised by the challenges that are created in the
workplace through disruptive technologies, and the need for new ways of leading
and managing employees. She is passionate about creating memorable employee
experiences through innovative, digital and simplified processes.

Jandri Nell
Jandri Nell

Onboarding and accounting

Jandri is a Deloitte-trained CA (SA) with international
professional experience in the UK.  Her
most recent role is Head of Finance for an entrepreneurial SaaS company. Her
experience on FP&A teams made it clear that understanding operations is the
key to success.   She is motivated by the
impact a successful company can have on the country and society.

Regardt van der Linde
Regardt van der Linde


Regardt is a qualified CA(SA). Regardt completed his
articles at Deloitte and serviced clients in the mining, manufacturing, retail
and public sector. After completing his articles, he joined KPMG Singapore in
the financial services team where he serviced private equity funds and banks.
Back in SA, currently overseeing Finance, Treasury and business partnering.